MICA Photo Alum shows in NYC

Elle Perez makes new public art in New York City…

MICA Photo is proud to announce that Elle Perez (class of 2011) has new work, “from sun to sun”, that will be on display on bus shelters throughout New York City. Details of the new work follows:

Elle Pérez

from sun to sun
On View
Aug 13, 2019 – Nov 24, 2019 works presented on 100 JCDecaux bus shelters across all five boroughs. Location map and more info here .

On August 13, Public Art Fund will launch from sun to sun, a multi-work, 100-site exhibition by New York-based photographer Elle Pérez. The suite of 16 new photographic works by Pérez will be displayed on bus shelters in over 13 neighborhoods citywide, and will inaugurate Public Art Fund’s new partnership with JCDecaux. from sun to sun weaves together images that collectively form a meditation on daily life through the exploration of places and communities in New York where Pérez grew up and lives. Alternating the focus between figures and environments, Pérez creates a kind of rhythm that builds within the series that is at once distinct, familiar, and unassuming. from sun to sun will offer the public a moment to engage with photography at larger-than-life scale and to encounter works during their daily routines, becoming a part of the pulse of the city’s cycles and infrastructure. from sun to sun is Pérez’s first public art commission and will be on view from August 13 through November 24, 2019.
This new series by Pérez threads together imagery of their friends and family who are impacting their communities; signs and languages of communication; topics of identity and heritage; and detailed surfaces that make up the urban landscape of New York City. The friends and family members captured in Pérez’s photographs illustrate their impactful relationships – many extending over 15 years. In one photograph, a student and an outdoor education teacher are shown planting evergreen shrubs and raspberries in the garden of their public school in the Bronx. In another, an activist educator at a school in East Harlem poses in a classroom where he helps shape the curriculum. A sequence of hand gestures in one series of black and white images illustrates the steps for the Flight, a handshake popular in the punk scene of the Bronx that their friend Jay P Fury created. Pérez has deliberately chosen to present imagery of Puerto Rico’s national flag in black and white as a sign of mourning and resistance towards the U.S. government-imposed oversight board. In other works, Pérez meditates on familiar details that may typically go unnoticed: crevices in the street pavement, entangled bicycles, and worn subway car interiors. By focusing on the facets of New York’s urban landscape that are a product of time, they draw attention to the subtle histories woven into the city’s fabric. Bus shelters housing Pérez’s work will dot the landscapes of Northern Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Upper Manhattan, and the Bronx. Locations will span Parkchester in the eastern Bronx, to Brooklyn’s Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant, Sunnyside, Queens to St. George, Staten Island, and East Harlem, Manhattan. Displayed on platforms traditionally used for advertising, sixteen photographs repeat six to seven times each across one hundred bus shelters. Works will be sited in clusters to give the public an opportunity to see multiple photographs within walking or bus route distance.    
Summer Hours:August – gallery by appointment onlyfor additional information please contact office@47canal.us

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