MICA Photo Sophomore publishes book

Chris Hall (Class of 2022) has photo book published by Arcadia…

MICA Photo is proud to announce that Chris Hall (sophomore) has gotten a photo book published by Arcadia Publishing. We want to congratulate Chris on this momentous achievement! Here is the publisher’s description of the new book “Abandoned Baltimore: Northside”:

“Baltimore, Maryland, is a city full of history and cultural diversity. However, through the years, the area has been plagued with poverty and forced gentrification that has left the once bustling city in a state of disarray. There are over 16,000 vacant rowhomes within Baltimore. Crime rate is on a rise while population is on decline. Through all the mayhem, many incredible places have been simply disregarded and forgotten about. Many streets that were once full of life now resemble an apocalyptic wasteland. The north side of Baltimore, away from the Chesapeake Bay and industrial side that the city is known for, is home to many interesting abandoned buildings, including schools, churches, asylums, and more. Through the lens, photographer Christopher Hall sets out to showcase and bring awareness to these incredible structures that have been forgotten. His work takes you inside the dilapidated places where few venture. Join Christopher on his visual journey through time as he explores what has been abandoned on the north side of Baltimore City.”

“CHRISTOPHER HALL is currently a student in his first year at Maryland Institute College of Arts working towards a BFA in photography. At just nineteen years old, he has been featured in many galleries for his work as well as receiving many notable awards such as a Gold Key for his portfolio submission in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Christopher began exploring abandoned places about three years ago and it has been a very strong passion of his ever since. Based in Maryland, he travels up and down the east coast exploring what has been left behind.”

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