B&H Photo is still open for online & pick-up purchases…

B&H Photo has contacted MICA Photo with an update on where they are at as a company and to assure you that they remain present as a resource and an ally to our students and faculty. Message follows:

“The B&H Photo Video Manhattan SuperStore is temporarily closed for all in-store sales. Our warehouse and used departments are both operating at full capacity and will continue working to support the buy-online/pickup-in-store option as we continue to serve customers in a safe manner. The SuperStore will remain closed through Saturday, March 28th at which time the company will reassess the present situation. We will be extending our return policy to minimize customer disruption during this period and, as always, our outstanding sales staff can be reached through phone, online chat, and email.

Now more than ever, I would encourage your students and staff to sign up for the EDU Advantage Program to make the most of our exclusive product discounts and free delivery. The EDU Advantage Program is for personal purchases for students and staff and it is a great tool that can be utilized while at home and “in class”. We offer a wide array of products including distance learning solutions, laptops, webcams and more.”

B&H is a prime resource for us, and we wanted to pass along this information in case anyone needs to place an order. Best wishes to you all during this difficult period! ~ MICA Photo

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