About Us


Nate Larson – Department Chair – nlarson@mica.edu

Regina DeLuise – rdeluise@mica.edu

Lynn Silverman – lsilverman@mica.edu

Alexander HeilnerOn Sabbatical until August 2019 – aheilner@mica.edu

Jay Gould On Sabbatical until August 2019 –  jgould02@mica.edu

Colette Veasey-Cullors – Associate Dean for Design and Media – cveaseycullors@mica.edu


Kottie Gaydos – kgaydos@mica.edu

Penny Forester – pforester@mica.edu

Caryn Martin

Benjamin Tankersley

Paolo Morales 


Jefferson Steele – Department Manager – jsteele02@mica.edu

Heather Braxton  – Assistant Manager – hbraxton@mica.edu

Emma Mattson – Assistant – emattson@mica.edu

Sydney Cook – Assistant – scook02@mica.edu

Derrick Cullen – Assistant – dcullen01@mica.edu


Jack Wilgus – Professor Emeritus

Laurie Snyder  – Professor Emeritus

H. Thomas Baird – Professor Emeritus


The MICA Photography Handbook (Undergrad Edition) -The Handbook gives general information about the department, its policies, procedures, facilities, etc. It is a great place to start in finding out what the department has to offer.

The MICA Campus Safety Handbook – Here is a good place to double check what to do in an emergency, as well as a number of good old fashion common sense ideas for living in the city. Take a look and always  practice safety!

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