General Information

MICA Photography Department

1300 Mount Royal Ave

Baltimore Md. 21217


Hours – Open every day from 8:30AM – 10:30 PM

Hours are subject to change during School Breaks, Holidays, Summer Sessions, etc.  


Colette Veasey-Cullors (Department Chair) –

Regina DeLuise –

Tom Baird –

Alexander Heilner – Associate Dean for Design and Media-


Lynn Silverman –

Jay Gould –

Jack Wilgus Professor Emeritus –

Laurie Snyder  – Professor Emeritus –


Todd Forsgren –

Penny Forester –



Jefferson Steele – Department Manager –

Sara Hill – Assistant Manager –

Heather Braxton  – Assistant –

Emma Mattson – Assistant –

Tao He – Assistant –


The MICA Photography Handbook (Undergrad Edition)-The Handbook gives general information about the department, its policies, procedures, facilities, etc. It is a great place to start in finding out what the department has to offer.

The MICA Campus Safety Handbook – Here is a good place to double check what to do in an emergency, as well as a number of good old fashion common sense ideas for living in the city. Take a look and always  practice safety!


ADA Compliance Statement

In order to provide the highest quality educational experience for every student, MICA is

committed to compliance with the ADA and Section 504. Any student who has (or suspects

he or she may have) a physical, cognitive, or psychological disability and who wants to

request accommodations must immediately schedule an appointment to meet with the

Director of the Learning Resource Center,  by calling the LRC at 410-

225-2416.  The LRC is MICA’s designated department for determining reasonable

accommodations based on legal requirements and will provide the eligible student with an

official Accommodation Verification letter to the instructor.

Each semester the student must formally request accommodations from the LRC each

semester, and format of the Verification letters change each semester to ensure currency.

NOTE: Students with disabilities who want assistance during emergency evacuations must

register with the LRC within the first week of each semester.

Health and Safety Compliance

MICA has developed policies and practices to ensure a healthful environment and safe

approaches to the use of equipment, materials, and processes.  It is the mutual responsibility

of faculty and students to review health and safety standards relevant to each class at the

beginning of each semester.  Students should be aware of general fire, health, and safety

regulations posted in each area and course specific polices, practices, and cautions.  Students

who have concerns related to health and safety should contact the Environmental Health and

Safety Coordinator.

The Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, Denelle Bowser may be reached at

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