The Meyer Fellowship

The Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship was established in 1988 with a generous gift from an Janice Meyer. The fellowship is awarded annually to a senior photography student to help finance a personal photographic project in the United States or Abroad after graduation. The award winner has a year to complete the project, and in the late spring has an exhibition, reception, and artist talk concerning the work completed with the aid of the Meyer Fellowship.

Click here for Google Drive folder in which to submit your application: Meyer Fellowship

Guidelines for submission can be accessed in the above folder. Be sure to open the “READ FIRST” document for guidelines!

After uploading your application complete the following form to complete your application: Meyer Fellowship Application Completion Form


Senior photography majors in good standing, during their final year before graduation, are encouraged to submit a clear, well considered written project proposal, an estimate of how the funds would be used, a resume, and a portfolio of photographic work by the announced deadline each school year. The photography chairperson will coordinate this fellowship. Seniors who finish their course work at mid-year are eligible to apply during the spring semester before their formal graduation even if they are not registered for classes. A senior can apply for this fellowship only once.

The material submitted will be reviewed by a committee of the full-time photography faculty members who will choose a recipient. Evaluation will be based on the stated proposal and the quality of the work submitted as well as performance within the program. It is recommended that the proposal and images be presented in a presentation photo binder (not larger than 11 x 17) with page protectors to assist the reviewers. If the committee decides that there are no proposals that qualify, the fellowship can be deferred for that year.

The student chosen will be notified by the end of the academic year and will usually take the fellowship during the following summer. The award will be formally announced at graduation ceremonies and the student must be present to receive it. A note of the award will be made on the student’s transcript. On completion of the project the recipient agrees to give the department a final project statement and a DVD, or CD of the finished work.

Previous Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2011 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship recipient Elle Perez!


Congratulations to Elle Perez the 2011 Meyer Fellowship recipient!


2010 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient- Kottie Gaydos Descendants of a Warrior King: The Nomads of Kham

Descendants of a Warrior King: The Nomads of Kham, the Khampas are descendants of Gesar, an enlightened warrior king, who lived in the eleventh century and fought to protect the teachings of Buddha. He was a fearless warrior, an exquisite horseman, a devout Buddhist, and in many ways his life and spirit capture what it is to be Tibetan to this day. His story is one of the most popular of all Tibetan folktales. I have ridden the same rolling plains that Gesar did centuries ago, I slept beneath the same canopy of stars, and I have come to love the people who call him their king.”

Kottie Gaydos

Kottie Gaydos




2009 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient- Georgi Ivanov Vacation Industry

Vacation Industry, Bulgaria is a photo documentary project examining the issues of contemporary mass tourism in Ivanov’s native Bulgaria.

Georgi Ivanov

Georgi Ivanov



2008 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient- Danielle Yurchinkonis Regain/ Regrowth

Regain/Regrowth began as a project to aid in the rediscovery of my Eastern European heritage  centered primarily around my Grandmother, ultimately it became a vehicle that examined the the undertones of the residue of occupation/violence which I discovered while  traveling in Latvia.


Danielle Yurchinkonis

Danielle Yurchinkonis


2007 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient- Daniel Shea ReMoving Mountains

Appalachian culture is historically defined through coal practices and popularly defined by an unfair misconception about its people. In reality, I found communities sustaining culturally rich legacies, and I was fortunate enough to observe from the periphery, as a witness. Over the course of three months, I became more involved with the people I was around, and was quickly shown nothing short of good old Southern hospitality. A lot of these photographs represent time spent in these quiet and dauntless communities. In terms of mountaintop removal, I found people both embracing and/or vehemently opposing such practices. Of course, there were many that did not fit this neat polarization, but the ideological and economical battle was/is being waged ferociously in the mountains.


Daniel Shea


Daniel Shea

2006 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient(s)- Melis Bursin and Adam Pape Turkish Pictures

Turkish Photographs is a collection of information surrounding ideas and myths on place and nationality. This series of photographs survey space through multiple, overlapping subjects such as: historic landmarks, architecture, household objects, and nature. These subjects are used to interpret one’s surroundings, but information gets lost in translation, leaving these images as reflections of an individual experience.


Melis Bursin and Adam Pape

Melis Bursin and Adam Pape



2005 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient- Rose Cromwell Jovellar y Infanta: Portraits from Central Havana

“We all struggle with with our own unknowns. I was interested in capturing the complacency we have in these restless moments, caused by the fact that they can be arousing, and sometimes-even life affirming”


Rose Cromwell

Rose Cromwell



2004 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient- Michelle Morin

2003 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient- Elena Volkov

2002 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient-Gabriela Bulasova

2001 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient-Sarah Baker

2000 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient-Rai Alexander

1999 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient-Juan Carlos

1998 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient-John Lehr

1997 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient-Sio Weng Ko

1996 Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship Recipient-Raymond Felix

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