Visiting Artists

Every year the MICA Photography department sponsors a rich and diverse series of visiting Artists and Critics. On this page you will find a number of individuals who spent time with our students over the last year as well as some links to their individual websites.


André Chung

Penelope Umbrico

Elle Perez

Darren Ching

Mickalene Thomas

John Freyer

Lynn Cazabon



Bruno Ceschel

Matthew Pillsbury

Mary Virginia Swanson

Susan Harbage Page

Barbara Weisserman

Adam Golfer

Tim Davis

Sarah Cluggish

Meggan Gould

Hannah Broncato

Tommy Bruce

Desé Ra


2014 – 2015

David Levi Strauss

Rick Sands

Image from visiting artist E. Brady Robinson


2010 – 2011

Libby Rowe

Timothy Archibald

Ben Gest

Stephen Marc

Corinne Botz

Colby Caldwell

Brian Paul Clamp

Lyle Rexer

E. Brady Robinson


2009 – 2010

Alter Ego by Derek Blanks

Derek Blanks

Elinor Carucci

Brian Oglesbee

Peter Charuk

Martha Madigan

Paul Johnson

Jerry Spagnoli

Dick Durrance

Jan Staller

Hank Willis Thomas

Jack Wilgus

Mica Alumni Panel Artists

Rose Cromwell

Jennifer Grimyser

Daniel Shea


2008 – 2009

Berkman 1

Image by Stephen Berkman

Stephen Berkman

Stephen Marc

Amy Stein

Laurel Ptak

Beth Barbush

Judy Stone

John Lehr

Eddie Winter

Amber Terranova

Andre Chung

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