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Ben McNutt is a Baltimore-based artist who is engaged in an intensive study of his perspective on images of wrestling. His work combines depictions of wrestling throughout history with his own unique aesthetic. Below, you’ll find an essay comprised of photos and words that he made for VICE, titled“Undying Homoeroticism in Wrestling.” 

These images depict men wrestling alongside men.

Click on images to read the entire article.

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“Suddenly, as you may have noticed, millennials are everywhere. Not that this group of people born after 1980 and before 2000 — a giant cohort now estimated to number at least 80 million Americans, more than the baby boom generation — was ever invisible. What’s changed is their status. Coddled and helicoptered, catered to by 24-hour TV cable networks, fussed over by marketers and college recruiters, dissected by psychologists, demographers and trend-spotters, the millennial generation has come fully into its own. The word “millennial,” whether as noun or adjective, has monopolized the nonstop cultural conversation, invariably freighted with zeitgeisty import.”


click here to read the full article

click here to visit Tim’s website


Current MICA Photo student Lindsay Bottos was featured on Good Morning America!click here to watch the interview


The website BuzzFeed has an interesting piece about current MICA Student, Lindsay Bottos and her Tumblr!

Bottos, a Photography Major and Gender Studies Minor, runs a Tumblr page where she often uploads selfies, as well as pictures of her work.

Since starting the Tumblr in 2010, she has received hundreds of cruel anonymous messages. Last week, she decided to turn the words of hate into a feminist art project; she screen-capped some of the messages and posted them over pictures of herself.

The Tumblr post, called “Anonymous,” is a work in project, she told BuzzFeed. But it nonetheless quickly went viral, garnering over 85,000 notes and drawing in about 20,000 new followers.

Check out this piece about current MICA Photo student Ben McNutt in Aint-Bad Magazine!


Congratulations to current MICA student Ivan Ng, class of 2016 for receiveing a juror’s choice award from Castell Photography’s NEXT exhbition

Congratulations to Dana M Chang 2013 for being featured in Baltimore Magazine!

News update! I’m featured in the November issue of Baltimore Magazine! Suzanne Loudermilk, the food and travel editor at the magazine, was kind enough to stop by my opening reception last August and write up this article. Check out the magazine at any place in Baltimore that sells magazines.

current student news

current student news



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