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ONLINE THIS WEEK: Vera Lutter Studio Tour; Into the Archives with Natasha Egan; and Cyanotype Workshop with Sheridyn Villareal—Museum of Contemporary Photography


A Photo Negative Image created by Vera Lutter using a camera obscura. The scene is a Chicago skyline—it looks like an X-Ray of Skyscrapers. Buildings have lots of bones inside of them.
Vera Lutter, 333 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, October 16, 2001

MoCP Behind the Lens: Vera Lutter
Friday, May 22, 13:00 Eastern Time
Presented virtually via Zoom
Register in advance for this webinar here.

Join the MoCP and photographer Vera Lutter for a virtual sneak peek into her studio! Drawing inspiration from the urban landscape, Lutter’s work utilizes the tool of the camera obscura to render the world around her unfamiliar and new. 
 The camera obscura (literally, “dark room”) is one of the oldest optical technologies, the principle of which holds that when light passes through a small aperture into a darkened chamber, an inverted image will appear on the wall opposite the hole. Lutter hangs black-and-white photographic paper on the wall to capture the image. The resulting pictures are one-of-a-kind paper negatives. In 2001, the MoCP commissioned Lutter to turn rooms in Chicago office buildings into camera obscuras and photograph Chicago’s downtown. This event will be recorded and transcribed.  If you require special accommodations for this event, please contact

This image is a checkerboard made of photographs of the sun taken by various folks on Flickr—compiled by Penelope Umbrico. It fills one with both hope and terror; the dawn and it's promises of a new day; and the disorientation created by imagining that seventy-two suns have begun to rise beyond the horizon.
Penelope Umbrico, Excerpt from 8,146,774 Suns from Flickr (Partial) 10/15/10, 2010

Photos at Zoom: Into the Vault with MoCP Director Natasha Egan
Wednesday, May 20, 13:00 Eastern Time

Presented virtually via Zoom
Register in advance for this webinar here.

Ever wonder where the MoCP stores its collection of 16,000 photographs? This week for Photos at Zoom, join MoCP executive director Natasha Egan in an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into the vault! Learn about the MoCP’s vast collection of photographic objects and how these works inform the curatorial process, including curatorial approaches from former guest curators Teju Cole and Jan Tichy. Egan will discuss works by Dawoud Bey, Binh Danh, Roy DeCarava, Walker Evans, Vera Lutter, Shi Guorui, and Penelope Umbrico. This event will be recorded and transcribed.  If you require special accommodations for this event, please contact

This image is a floral cyanotype—which appears a lot like an illustration floating in a sea of blue-ness. It's a royal blue, with white highlights where the tiny flowers would be. Seems to include two ferns, as well. It makes me think of my Grandmother and the doilies she would place on her dining table. The image was unattributed to any artist.
Image Credit Unattributed.

Cyanotype Workshop
May 21, 17:00 Eastern Time

Presented virtually via Zoom
Register in advance for this webinar here.

Join MoCP intern Sheridyn Villareal for a live demonstration of the cyanotype printmaking process, where she will demonstrate how to create the photosensitive medium and then how to use it to create simple or complex prints using found objects and natural materials. Don’t miss this one-of-a kind demonstration! This workshop is open to all, though teens are especially encouraged to attend!

Thesis Show 2020


In response to Covid-19 related closures of arts institutions all over the country, a collaborative effort started at RISD created the Thesis Shows 2020 digital platform presenting the work of

graduating students of peer arts institutions. We invite you to see the work of the MICA Photography class of 2020, as well other young artists’ works all over the country.

In conjunction, we have built a virtual thesis exhibition to display the hard work, creative labor, and dedication of these students. In it you will find their portfolios and senior book.

“Two months have passed since COVID-19 shut us down. From my new social distance, I’ve witnessed a great range of emotion. Although the disbelief, frustration and anger seem to be shifting, the reality remains. My class continues to work intensely and with great passion. They have created compelling and beautiful work over their senior year at MICA. What I know now, is that their dedication to their practice and to each other has been forged. This will fortify and serve them always.” Regina DeLuise

Maryland Institute College of Art Photography BFA Class of 2020

Emma Cheshire

Sarah Eckstine

Noah M. Fisher 

Jacqueline Foss

Sam Glick

Rebecca Gohn 

Asha Jamila Holmes

Jason Magid

Alli Reichert 

Edgardo Guerrero Salomon

Matthew Wagner

To the seniors, we applaud your work, your commitment to each other and the well being of our society. We have loved seeing your drive to question, to make, and to respond.  This spirit will serve you as you navigate what comes next. What comes next is always unknown, but in these unprecedented times, the weight of uncertainty feels more ambiguous and heavy. We can say, with great certainty, the work displayed in the creation of this site is proof of a ubiquitous collaborative spirit that exists in your generation of makers. It is stronger and more unified than ever before. 

Call for Entry: Darkside Collective

COVID-19 surfaced in late 2019 and presented the world with a major health crisis that shut down many countries within days. With this came the shutdown of colleges and universities. Art students in the class of 2020 were left wondering “How am I going to finish my thesis project, and who is going to see it if my exhibition is cancelled?” For many, this was a devastating blow. Darkside Collective is committed to helping emerging artists, including students, and as an online collective, we aim to feature BFA and MFA thesis work online. If your thesis show was cancelled, send us your work to be featured on our website. Unlike many of the online thesis exhibitions being advertised right now, there is no jury process. Simply upload your work and we’ll post it on the site!



Consolidated Emergency Fund List

COVID-19 Artist Support 

Emergency Grants/ Relief Funds

Let us know if there are others we should add!

Working together through mutual support. ❤

Summer Studio in Berlin with Bard, deadline extended to March 10

Summer Studio 2020: Transmissions
Bard in Berlin’s 2020 Summer Studio explores the theme of “transmissions” across a range of conceptual and material artistic practices that bridge analog and digital media—from mail art to cinematic dispatches, radio broadcast to live-feed video. Set against the backdrop of Berlin’s cultural history, this class engages the legacies of art and technology at the Bauhaus (1919-1933) where the traditional arts were integrated with emergent forms in photographic, machinic, and communications media.