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Chart to help understand how to begin reading MSDS sheets

CNET– Are you thinking about buying a laptop other than an Apple, or maybe thinking about getting a new Digital Camera but not sure if it is Cannon or Nikon, well CNET is a good place to take a look at reviews to see what might work best for you, and your wallet.

Digital Truth– An excellent source to look up various times and dilutions for processing your black and white film.

Luminos– Are you in a Circle of Confusion when it comes to reading MTF charts? If so this site is a good place to start in answering some of your FAQ’s about some of Photography’s finer points.

Kuler– So are you trying to sort out the color palette for your website, or perhaps the right color scheme for that poster you are designing for Linkin Park’s secret concert, well Kuler by Adobe is an interesting website that handles various aspects of color theory. Take a look you might be surprised with how cool it is.

MSDS– In all endeavors there is an inherent risk involved, and the same holds true for the Arts and specifically the Photographic Medium. As artists it is imperative that we learn how to recognize the risk, and minimize it, one good step is learning how to read MSDS sheets. Here is a good chart to begin your basic understanding. Mica Photo also recommends the book Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography by Susan Shaw and Monona Rossol. This is an excellent resource for every photographer to help prevent exposure to harmful chemicals and bad practices! Remember a good place to start reviewing basic health and safety procedures is located in our Departmental Handbook. To learn even more about MICA’s commitment to health and safety please check out our Environmental Health and Safety Web Page, here you can find information about PPE (personal protection equipment) to where to go in event of an Emergency.

*For links to MSDS data sheets commonly used in the MICA Photography Department please see below and for a complete list of MSDS data sheets please check in with the Crib or Department Manager.

Photoshop Shortcuts – Are you tired of always going to the menu bar to make a new layer or pull up a color palette, well download this handy shortcut guide for Photoshop from Smashing Magazine.

Sprint B&W chemistry– Due to the increased difficulty in receiving Kodak B&W printing chemistry we have been making the transition to the Sprint System. Here you can learn about Sprints product, development times, MSDS sheets etc.

UPDIG – Up up with Digital. So are you trying to figure out color balancing and monitor calibration and as well as how to make the image look the best it can on the computer? If so this is an excellent resource to check out.


Commonly used Chemistry MSDS Data Sheets – Below one can find a list of links to MSDS Data sheets of commonly used products in the MICA Photo Department. The MICA Photography has a complete collection of MSDS sheets, so if you do not find what you are looking for with the following quick reference, please visit the crib or the Department Manager’s Office. Remember it is always wise to consult with your professor if you have questions concerning photography chemicals and health. Two good MSDS reference sources are the MSDS Data Sheet Library found at Digital Truth, and the MSDS Data Sheet Library found at Freestyle Photographic Supplies.

Black and White Chemistry – MICA Photo uses primarily the Sprint System in our darkrooms. Below is a link to the various MSDS data sheets for the Sprint Chemistry System, covering products like Developer, Stop, Fix and Fix Remover.

Sprint MSDS Library

Additionally some students may wish to use Kodak Black and White products, or perhaps Ilford. Below is a link to the Kodak MSDS data sheets covering products like X-tol Film Developer Part A&B, Polymax Print Developer, Kodak Indicator Stop, and Kodak Rapid Fix Part A&B, as well as Ilford’s Warm and Cool Tone Developers.

Kodak MSDS Library

Ilford MSDS Library

For washing agents you many students opt to use Heico Perma Wash. Below you will find a link for the MSDS data sheets.

Heico MSDS Sheets

Color Chemistry – MICA Photo uses primarily the Trebla Color System for it’s color processing. Below you will find a link covering such products as Triphase RA-RT Developer, Trecon “Blix” Bleach and Fixer parts A & B, and Trecon Starter.

Trebla MSDS Sheets

Alternative Processes – MICA offers a number of courses in Alternative processes and Fine Printing. In these classes students are introduced to various chemicals and powders associated with the various taught processes of  Cyanotype, Van Dyke, and Palladium Printing among others. Below are some of the MSDS data sheets of the chemicals used in these processes and classes.

Ammonium Citrate Dibasic

Ammonium Dichromate


Citric Acid

Edwal Liquid Orthazite

Ferric Ammonium Citrate

Ferric Oxalate

Gum Arabic Liquid 




Palladium Chloride

Potassium Bromide

Potassium Dichromate

Potassium Ferrocyanide

Silver Nitrate

Sodium Bisulfate

Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Metaborate

Sodium Thiosulfate

Tannic Acid

Tartaric Acid