Evie Metz wins “Lenscratch” prize


MICA Photo is proud to announce that Evie Metz has won the “Lenscratch” Student Third Place Prize for 2017.  From Lenscratch:

Evie Metz is our third place student prize winner for her work titled, Seeking Stephanie, an intriguing and unique response to feeling displaced in a new location as many young adults do when leaving home for college. While viewing these photographs, I feel a multitude of emotions both banal and strange that are triggered by nostalgia brought on by her use of film aesthetic and unusual image pairings. These moments captured feel as though they are suspended without a clear representation of time or location. I find this work to be an expression of self-discovery and a visual illustration of the self-consciousness felt when uprooted from the familiar. This Fall, Evie will begin studying for her MFA at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).”

Kudos to you, Evie! Great work, and good luck at VCU!

Click HERE to see Evie’s gallery…

Photo Opening Reception

Evie Metz shows new work in “Chrysalis“…

MICA Photo is proud to announce the opening of a new solo show of photography by artist, Evie Metz, entitled Chrysalis. The reception for this show will be held this Friday, February 3rd, from 5-7PM. The show will be located in The Gateway Gallery at the corner of North Avenue & Mount Royal Avenue.


“Capturing moments lost in mystery,

this is my visual diary

about seeing and seeking selfhood.

Attracted to fable, the animal world, and analogy,

my pictures are no more than poems.” – Evie Metz


Show runs January 22 – February 17th, 2017.




Evie Metz – “Seeking Stephanie” – Wilgus Gallery – Main Building – Tonight!

The Wilgus Gallery features Evie Metz’s photographs from her ongoing series “Seeking Stephanie”…

MICA Photo is pleased to announce the reception this evening for the current work on display in the Wilgus Gallery, “Seeking Stephanie”, by Evie Metz. This opening reception features a special curation of Evie’s photographs from her ongoing series, Seeking Stephanie.
“Reacting to what I see, I capture moments where I find connections. As though I’ve found another piece to my puzzle, another line to poem. Accumulating many photographs, I construct my narrative about identity, the beauties of life often overlooked, and what I mean to seek oneself.”  ~ Evie Metz
Friday December 2nd  •  Wilgus Gallery  •  Main Building, Ground Floor •
1300 W Mt Royal Avenue