Thesis Show 2020


In response to Covid-19 related closures of arts institutions all over the country, a collaborative effort started at RISD created the Thesis Shows 2020 digital platform presenting the work of

graduating students of peer arts institutions. We invite you to see the work of the MICA Photography class of 2020, as well other young artists’ works all over the country.

In conjunction, we have built a virtual thesis exhibition to display the hard work, creative labor, and dedication of these students. In it you will find their portfolios and senior book.

“Two months have passed since COVID-19 shut us down. From my new social distance, I’ve witnessed a great range of emotion. Although the disbelief, frustration and anger seem to be shifting, the reality remains. My class continues to work intensely and with great passion. They have created compelling and beautiful work over their senior year at MICA. What I know now, is that their dedication to their practice and to each other has been forged. This will fortify and serve them always.” Regina DeLuise

Maryland Institute College of Art Photography BFA Class of 2020

Emma Cheshire

Sarah Eckstine

Noah M. Fisher 

Jacqueline Foss

Sam Glick

Rebecca Gohn 

Asha Jamila Holmes

Jason Magid

Alli Reichert 

Edgardo Guerrero Salomon

Matthew Wagner

To the seniors, we applaud your work, your commitment to each other and the well being of our society. We have loved seeing your drive to question, to make, and to respond.  This spirit will serve you as you navigate what comes next. What comes next is always unknown, but in these unprecedented times, the weight of uncertainty feels more ambiguous and heavy. We can say, with great certainty, the work displayed in the creation of this site is proof of a ubiquitous collaborative spirit that exists in your generation of makers. It is stronger and more unified than ever before. 

Fall Break hours

MICA Photo will have limited access during Fall Break…

Hello everyone…We are posting this now so that you will be aware of our changes to our lab hours during the Fall Break. We will close at 6PM on Friday October 18th. We will be open from 9AM-5PM on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (10/19 – 10/22). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

New MICA Photo crib staff

Meet Andrew Vox…


MICA Photo would like to introduce our newest member to the Photo Crib Staff…Andrew Vox. Andrew will now be working evenings & weekends for us part-time. His regular schedule will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings this semester, but you may see him occasionally on other shifts covering for our other staff members.

Andrew has experience with all formats of film photography, has deep experience with the Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, and has worked with 3-D scanning & animation too. FYI…Andrew completed his MFA in Paris, France, and would be a good person to talk about what the experience of studying abroad was like for him. So stop by, say hi, and welcome Andrew into the MICA Photo Staff!

New equipment in MICA Photo

Lighting, lenses, cameras, and more…!


MICA Photo is excited to announce that we have acquired several new pieces of equipment during the past few months, and the Crib would like to introduce you to them by having a Photo Departmental NEW Equipment INFO Session on Friday, Sept. 15th at 3:00 pm. This info session is open to all photo majors and concentrators. Please come see the new equipment, and ask questions.
In the near future, we will have workshops for proper usage, care , and safety with certain pieces of the new equipment. Announcements of these workshops will be announced on the blog. Stay tuned….


Retired 4×5 Cadet cameras available for purchase…

MICA Photo is pleased to announce that we are retiring several 4×5 Cambo “Cadet” model  monorail cameras with soft cases, and we are making them available for purchase to students who are interested. These cameras will need a lens & lensboard to be fully functional – neither are included in the sale. There are a very limited amount of cameras available. These cameras are sold on an “as-is” basis, and are strictly first come, first sold. The cameras are all priced at $100, and must be paid in cash. One camera per buyer.


MICA Photo will be taking ALL money from the sale of these cameras, and placing the proceeds in the “Friends of Photography” scholarship fund. Your purchase of a camera will insure that future students who are encountering financial issues will get the assistance they need. This ongoing fund will help to provide assistance to students who might need help, make funds available for students who will be attending the Anderson Ranch through a grant, and to provide an emergency fund that will be there to access when needed. Contact Jefferson Steele at: to arrange purchase.

Jay Gould featured in Hopkins exhibition

MICA Photo faculty, Jay Gould, shows new work at Johns Hopkins…

MICA Photo is pleased to announce the upcoming reception for the opening of Jay Gould’s new exhibition, “Extreme Materials & Conditions”. This show is part of Jay’s collaborative effort with the HEMI/MICA artist-in-residence at Hopkins.  This video gives an a glimpse of the work that Jay has been doing with the lab a Hopkins. Please come and attend the opening reception, and kudos to Jay for this outstanding collaboration!