MICA Alum featured in exhibition

Callee McCosby exhibits new work in online showcase…

Sunlight Ladies – Callee McCosby

MICA Photo is proud to announce that Calle McCosby (Class of 2019) is being featured in an online group exhibition entitled, “EARTH MOTHER / MOTHER EARTH“. The show is being hosted by Don’t Smile, a space devoted to showcasing photography by women artists. A statement by the curator follows:

“On this Earth Day, April, 22, 2020, Earth Mother/Mother Earth elevates images of women, animals, and the land during an era of ecological peril.

Our ancestral roles as healers, water-gatherers, creators, and givers of life, make us inherently tied to the Earth and her ecosystems. We also share in the oppression of our bodies, voices, and creations.

The images in Earth/Mother Mother Earth come from women artists of diverse backgrounds and varied artistic approaches. Grandmother, gardener, or goddess, these photographs celebrate women and our reverence for this planet we call home.” –Noelle McCleaf, curator

Please take a moment to visit the site, and enjoy the exhibition. Congratulations, Callee!

Earth/Mother Mother Earth

MICA Photo alum showing in Baltimore

New exhibition by Callee Jo McCosby at Flip Gallery…

MICA Photo is pleased to announce that Callee Jo McCosby (Class of 2109) is showing new work, “Sublime Woman”, at the Flip Gallery in Baltimore. An opening reception is being held this coming Saturday, Sept. 14 from 7-10 pm. We encourage everyone to stop in and see the exhibition. The show is running through September 30th. Congratulations, Callee!

Photography exhibition

Opening Reception tomorrow…

MICA Photo is pleased to announce that three recent alumni, Callee Jo, Landon McKinley, and Madison Bailey Trottman, are having a group photography exhibition at Flip Gallery in Baltimore. The show is open now and runs through July 22nd. There is an opening reception on July 13th from 7-9PM at the gallery. Congratulations to you all!

“kindred; in which we look through the same window”

Flip Gallery • 1005 N. Charles Street • July 8 – 22 • Reception July 13, 7-9PM

MICA Photo Faculty member shows in New York City

Lynn Silverman Shows at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn…

Above image: “Landscape After Battle” – Lynn Silverman

MICA Photo is proud to announce that Lynn Silverman, MICA Photo faculty, is currently showing work at the Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The show will be on display until June 29th. Congratulations, Lynn!

NYC places artwork in bus shelters

MICA Photo alum, Elle Perez (class of 2011), has work featured in New York City bus shelters…

Some samples of the work of Elle Pérez, whose photography will make 100 bus shelters into mini-museums this summer.CreditCreditElle Pérez/47 Canal
Photographs & caption info courtesy of The New York Times.

Elle Perez is working on a unique installation of their work in New York City. The New York City Transit Service will be showing new work by Elle Perez starting in early August of this year. The new work will focus on portraits, as well as significant locations in New York. The exhibition will be called “from sun to sun”. Look for Elle Perez’s new photographs in over 100 bus shelters located throughout the five boroughs of New York beginning in mid-August of this year.

Link to the article below:

Congratualtions, Elle!


MICA Photo faculty member shows in Germany

Lynn Silverman exhibits in Hamburg, Germany…

MICA Photo faculty, Lynn Silverman, is currently exhibiting work in a group exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. The exhibition is entitled, “Outlook-Insight: Windows in the Arts”. Lynn’s recent work has centered around windows and light as visual metaphor. 

Poster announcement for exhibition, “Outlook-Insight: Windows in the Arts”, in Hamburg, Germany.

Here is a statement from the curators:  “The window has played an important role in the visual perception of the world. As a mediating threshold, as a frame, the window reveals details of the surroundings, while at the same time providing insights into intimacy and privacy. As a point of contact with the outside world, the window is crucially involved in our relationship with landscape and nature.  Contemporary art explores this opening from inside and outside, exploring boundaries and permeability. The mutual views, which can be interrupted and disturbed by window glass through reflections, are as much in focus as the light itself, which is able to cross the glass barrier. The reality of nature on “the other side” is also questioned. The window becomes an artistic experimental field in which the relationships between inside and outside, reality and deception are explored. On the occasion of its reopening, the Museum Sinclair-Haus shows contemporary films, photographs, installations, paintings, drawings and silhouettes around the window.”

Lynn Silverman’s work installed in Hamburg gallery.

Congratulations, Lynn!